Best Cheap Melbourne hotels Worth Your Money

Melbourne is world famous for the tourist and travelers’ attractions. However, not just the tourists, but business class users, and holidaymakers from around the world pour to this exotic place. The need of accommodation and making it economical are the hot topics that roam inside the mind of a traveler before planning any journey. If the search is for the cheap hotels, Melbourne is the site to look for, when you need an exotic place that is not heavy on your pocket. The list of the best cheap hotel which are worth your money are enlisted below :

Jika International Hotel

Jika International Hotel Melbourne has 50 highly furnished and hygienically maintained rooms that are equipped with all the higher to lower needs of modern day travelers. The customer service is impressive.

The accommodation is very convincing and relaxing. This hotel has rooms from deluxe spas to high quality romanticizing honey moon suites that can make every moment a memorable one. All rooms are provided with modern air conditioners, well maintained mini bar, and big flat screen LCD.

Mantra Tullamarine Airport Hotel

Mantra Tullamarine Airport Melbourne gives quality stays for holidaymakers, tourists and business related travelers. Mantra at Tullamarine Airport consists of 277 rooms, studios and suites that are fully equipped with all new age facilities from internet to the hair dryer, everything is included, which can ease your stay and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful city of the world.

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