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The Tennis Serve and Volley move can surprise your opponent, The serve and volley is an ideal tactic to conserve energy or to rest from long and tiresome rallies, This combination move disrupts your opponent’s momentum and concentration, and . It can scare your opponent forcing him to make unforced errors.Serve and Volley Strategies

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Serve-and-volley is a style of play in tennis where the player serving moves quickly towards the net after hitting a serve, to attempt to hit a volley afterwards. In the serve-and-volley playstyle, the server attempts to hit a volley (a shot where the ball is struck without allowing it to bounce), as opposed to the baseline game, where the server stays back following the serve and attempts to hit a groundstroke (a shot where the ball is allowed to bounce before contact is made).

How To Serve And Volley Effectively In Tennis – Complete Guide

In order to serve and volley effectively, it’s essential to have a serve with spin and pace that can be placed accurately. It also requires solid volley technique and the ability to hit overheads. Finally, it requires athleticism, good hand-eye coordination and the right strategy.

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Learn how to serve and volley with Grand Slam champion and USPTA Elite Professional Hank Pfister. See how to hit a proper serve and where to hit it to set up your shot for a volley, discover where the split step should occur, and find out how to hit an effective volley and half-volley.

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Serve and Volley always, always works… There are three types of basic tests that we do to figure out if a tennis strategy works or not. the eye test; word-of-mouth test; data test; Eye Test = Fail. For so many of us around the world, serve and volley fails the eye test. We think it’s lucky if players employs the strategy and win the point.

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00:00 – Intro To Serve and Volley 00:52 – The Serve (step one) 1:37 – Serving On The Deuce Side 3:42 – Serving On The Ad Side 5:17 – Moving Forward After The Serve (step two) 8:16 – The Split Step (step three) 12:38 – The First Volley (step four) 14:26 – Finishing The Point (step five) 18:26 – Serve and Volley Examples with Analysis